Products from Danfoss Power Solutions

Around the world, mobile equipment manufacturers rely on Danfoss Power Solutions expertise for the most innovative work, propel, control and steering solutions. Working in partnership with customers, company provide high-value, high-performance components for a broad range of mobile equipment applications.

As one of the largest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Danfoss Power Solutions designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components including:

  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Mobile electronics
  • Orbital motors
  • Steering components
  • PVG spool valves

Mobile Electronics

Danfoss Power Solutions designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of electronic controls. Including microprocessor-based controllers (both generic type to control any mobile machinery and specialized to control speed variability of alternating current electric motors), intelligent displays, joysticks and electronic sensors through its electronic and mechatronic operations.


Orbital Motors

Company offers thousands of motor configurations for you to choose from, plus the application support to help you choose the right one. Danfoss Power Solutions orbital motors have set the market standard since the beginning. Known for their solid reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency under any condition, they deliver an optimum performance always.


Piston Pumps and Motors

Designed for intelligent vehicle management systems, product range brings you closer to your goals for reduced fuel consumption and high operator comfort. Trust Danfoss Power Solutions compact piston pumps and motors to give your transmission the power it needs with the low emissions that satisfy today's global regulations.


PVG Proportional Valves

Danfoss Power Solutions broad valve range is designed for your machine's most demanding tasks integrating multiple functions in a compact package, they provide strong, smooth and consistent performance. The modular electrohydraulic valves provide an almost infinite number of configurations from simple load-sensing solutions to CAN bus communication - ensuring smooth machine control.


Hydraulic Steering

Company offers many types of steering units, most of them with integrated valve functions. Perfect for smooth driving on the straight or during maneuvering. With Danfoss Power Solutions hydraulic steering units, a steady, reliable performance is integral to the design.